"Dedicated to promoting

and education in

permanent hair removal."



  • The Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Associations is celebrating its 34th Anniversary November 2016. The Board of Directors wish to quote a few words from the 30th Anniversary address in 2012, of Frank Kovacs, the founding President, and the Honorary Chairman of the FCEA:

"I thank the members of the FCEA Ontario Chapter and those visitors from the other Provinces who came here to celebrate our Anniverary.
I also wish to thank all the current and former members across Canada for having the forsight and desire to be members. Without your support  and faith in the FCEA we would not be here today.
I only wish that every electrologist in Canada would be a member to enjoy the benefits and become part of the FCEA's proud and glorious history."


Welcome to the FCEA

The Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Associations is a non-profit, federally chartered corporation dedicated to promoting professionalism and education in the field of permanent hair removal.

Electrolysis method
The FCEA was founded and registered in 1982 in anticipation of:

  • Uniting electrologists across Canada
  • Protecting the electrolysis trade
  • Raising the standard of practice by establishing a recognized acceptance of a higher minimum standard for our industry

The FCEA was officially established in 1986 and our foundation is based on:

  • Continuing education
  • An opportunity to achieve designation
  • Networking among our members
Networking with electrologists who are committed to and proud of their profession, is the only way to ensure the delivery of effective, safe, and professional care to those the electrologist serves –the client. Only a professional association of peers can achieve this end.

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